DragonSoull retiring for now

Hello again as you should have guessed I’m leaving MAD Alien for a while and dedicate my full time to school (believe it or not), but I will return more powerful then ever 🙂 in the mean while I’ll leave the v5.0 of the site, it’s the best version ever and I’m really proud of it so don’t expect a new design from me since web design is not really for me till then goodbye.

New web site status

The website is going well (being this revision 3) most sections have been made, and I’m happy with the new design but unfortunately in browsers like Netscape 4.x the page gets all messed up and in Opera there’s a minor but strange bug with the logo so IE 5/6 are the only fully compatible browsers for now, but I still have to check Mozilla and Netscape 6, I’ll try to fix all the compatibility bugs that i possibly can so until next time good-bye.

PS: Don’t forget to leave your opinion about the website in the message board.

New web site waiting for approval

Just made a new design and I wanted to know what you think, so check it here and leave your opinion in the message board (it’s back up) also DragonSoull’s Temple website has been updated (again) so be sure to take a look.

A new chance

As you can see by the news bellow MAD Alien almost died due to a broken screen (currently I’m reduced to an old 15″ piece of junk that can only give 640×480@60Hz max), a mad FTP server and an unexpected vacations and no, I’m not kidding 🙂 that’s the truth but, after thinking for a while I realized that this is one of the few thing I’ve done with passion, so I decided to continue even if the site has no visitors. As for the site I made some changes that you can see in detail here also I took all files down, my applications sucked anyway when I come up it something good I’ll put it up till then good-bye.

Note: The date on this one is probably wrong.