All the stuff writen before madalien becamed a blog

Still alive

Now that you know I’m alive and well don’t you fell a warm fuzzy feeling inside :).

Big email problem

Believe it or not I just found out that my [email protected] e-mail redirect address was pointing to the wrong e-mail so if you send me an e-mail I never got it. I already fixed the problem and I apologize to everybody.
I guess that was why nobody replied to my e-mail’s this sure is making me fell stupid.

Here it his dam it

Here it his version 2.1 (of the website) is not finished and it’s buggy but, i has tired of having this on my hard drive doing nothing so here it his I hope to finish what’s missing as soon as possible, till then enjoy (if you can).

PS: for downloads see the links below:

Fusion on the active

After some server problems that ended up being solved by Fusion head coder him self it’s finally up what does this means to you? well nothing at all except the fact that the news archive is gone for now. till next post.

Possible last post for a long time

That’s right, my Internet privileges are currently at risk Internet around here isn’t free and the bill was a big one so if you don’t hear form me in a long time now you’ll know why.