UnSafeDiscX Success

As I’ve bean told UnSafeDiscX has add some success with really fills me of pride even that the real credit must go to the creators of the UnSafeDisc tools with MAD Alien has no connection (just trying to avoid any legal problems 🙂 ).

Also on an unfortunate accident I’ve lost all my e-mail previous to 2002-06-07 so if you emailed me and I didn’t replied then you now now why, also there is a new Links section in MAD Alien so take some time to check it out.

Note: This post was originally included in “On the news 4-0 Portugal wins”. I separated it because they just didn’t seem to go together 🙂 .

Sex, Lies and Hentai

WAZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I just got a break from hentai and masturbation (if i don’t do it my balls will blow up 🙁 ) to say a few words, first 3 members have returned to their planets we’ll miss them but that’s life, second the project page has been updated so check it out and remember MASTURBATION IS NOT A CRIME.

Note: This was originally posted as being from the MAD Alien member Badmoon but, since in reality it was written by DragonSoull it as been reentered in the database with is original creator as poster.