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Starting to Custumize

Well I been looking around the forum and reading the docs so I’m pretty shure I’ll get a custom look pretty soon, until then check my little tale “Me and my Car” that I’ve writen a long time ago and it’s here now for your viewing pleasure :).

Note: if you can’t see it, heres a clue it was published in 2003-04-16.

My ass is big

For real men! My ass is so big, it’s freaking me out :D.

By the way if you don’t get this post don’t worry it was the first one so it was just to test the system :).

Sex, Lies and Hentai

WAZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I just got a break from hentai and masturbation (if i don’t do it my balls will blow up 🙁 ) to say a few words, first 3 members have returned to their planets we’ll miss them but that’s life, second the project page has been updated so check it out and remember MASTURBATION IS NOT A CRIME.

Note: This was originally posted as being from the MAD Alien member Badmoon but, since in reality it was written by DragonSoull it as been reentered in the database with is original creator as poster.