Manual Post

I’m typing this in notepad hacking in the html code since the dynamic back end is gone. So what has been going on? Well nothing! It’s the summer and all I do is cruse the web, watch TV and sleep. I know I know I need to get a social life but I was never the “going out to party’s kind of guy”. Hopefully ill get the cash to rent a web space so I can get the scripts back up and make posts more regularly. Till then its radio silence, Private DragonSoull over and out ;).

PS: I’ve edited the html to remove all broken links. Hope i haven’t messed anything up…

Last Post

This script was runing on a friends web space today I asked him to pull it down since i don’t like to leach friends so there will be no new posts for some time 🙁 till then.

WARNING: The Comment script will not work!!

Golden Hand

Be the last one touching the car and it’s yours. I still can’t believe it, what will they thing of next? Can it possibly go even lower in terms of quality? Good thing I have cable or I would have to destroy my TV :(.

Note: For those living in other parts of the world this is the latest TV show presented by the local “big brother and soaps 24/7” channel.