2 Days Left

ACEE 2005 is only 2 days way, this year it will be on a Saturday with will be good for some people (like me) who didn’t what to skip school/work but bad for others that didn’t want to get up at 9am in the morning…

Moving on, I’m really curious to see what Game Developers have to show us this here, I still remember wanting to show a game of my one but I was unable to make anything worth showing, oh well, he with the games step forward and show them to me, cause I’ll be watching…

64 Bit is coming

Oh yes it is and I’d be jumping right in at lest I would if I could…

After a quick analysis of my hardware I’ve found it all to be compatible, NVIDIA has drivers for it’s Graphic cards and NForce Chipsets, Creative also as some beta drivers available but the TV card is not.

Not just that but DScaler, the application I use for my TV needs also uses built in drivers so it wont work as well.

I’ve sent an email Prolinks way to see what’s their position on 64bits but jugging by what other (better know) brands are doing I believe they’ll most likely ignore the subject.

So that’s my situation, I can move on to Windows 64 but I’d loose my TV and my 2 buttons on my gamepad (but that’s something I can live with).

With software, Daemon Tools would be the most important since it uses drivers but a beta version for 64bits is already being tested, also 7-Zip the most resource hungry application I use is planed to have a 64bit build in April after the Windows 64 release everything else should be compatible except win16 apps which I don’t use, but some installer still use win16 code so I’ll have to try and see. Almost forgot that there’s some other stuff that isn’t supported, but I’m not to worried about it.

In conclusion when Windows 64 comes out I’ll probably dual boot into it until the TV card situation is solved, in the end it’s better then nothing now if only there was a 64bit steam :p


It’s odd, really odd, Sylver has gone on a break from computers, can’t really blame him since he’s been having spyware up is nose for the last few days (for people having the same problems please install the MS Anti-Spyware Thing).

Me, well I have nothing to write about, life as pretty much has been school gaming and bits of coding. Nothing really exciting, nothing to talk about, or is there?

I wonder if there’s someone out there interested in my new taste for realistic combat fps, or that I’m getting good grades? What is right to write?
I really don’t know, well except that if I write everything about me this wouldn’t be any different from a reality show blog, and that’s something I don’t want so I wont.

I hope I have something interesting to say, till then I’ll say nothing or like now say odd things, or maybe not, I’ll let you decide.

CISP 2005

Today I took part in a coding contest, and lost.
This ashamed and made me angry, because I should be better then that, but I wasn’t. My coding skill has rusted and because of that my team lost, that I’ll not happen again, not if I can stop it.