Lot’s of work

BugFiles has been updated finally!!

Well and you may not know but this website has been left unfinished for a long time, and now work has been resumed let hus see if i can finish this time.

1000 Visitors

Now that’s an incredible number for me, I would consider 10 visits a month a good thing but 1000!

I Just hope that this little weblog provided what you were looking for :).

Sincerely DragonSoull

Their just People

That’s what i found out when the cable guy’s cammed over to check my Internet service. No “stop using eMule!” warnings and they even knew Mozilla Firebird (that really shocked me), they were really cool about it and since one of the lives in my area and as cable he was also suffering the same bullshit problems.

Has they told me it was a simple case of overselling the service, so until they upgrade the infrastructure were all going to suffer from it.

Like I said they were just people like me.

Bloody Battery

It happened again, the car died and left me anging on the side of the road. This time it was the batery.

So I guess I just out of luck when it comes to cars.

Bloody alarm

Ladies and gents, I present to you know for your viewing pleasure the moron that let is car alarm drain the battery dry…

And all I can say is that nobody told me anything 🙁