Some time to kill

Not wanting to sound rude, I just had some time to kill so I decided to write something in my blog after all that’s what it’s for 🙂 .

Today is an interesting day, it will be the first time I’ll meet a virtual friend in the flesh, the hole thing makes me a little scared, not that I think his a child molester or anything (hell I’m no child and I fight like Rambo (at least in my dreams I do 😛 )).

It’s all about appearances, when you talk online, the only thing that comes into play is your personality, who you are and what you think, but when your face to face even of you don’t want to the way you look will have allot to say (good and bad), and maybe the other person wont like that message.

Human relationships were never my strong point, and these type of situations prove it, what will he think of my “shell”? Will he miss judge me for it? And should I care if he does? Doubt keeps floating in my mind…

BugFiles is back

Well it’s back and now it’s powered by Movable Type, after all it wasn’t that hard to do.

Unfortunetly theres no new content for now since I’m unable to upload new images to the server 🙁 , I’m working to fix this.

Also I’ll probably be looking for contributers of Screenshot bugs so if your interested post a comment or send me an email.

Possible No go for Cebolas Blog

It seems Cebola is unshure about what to do with his blog so whe may pull the plug on this, there has been talk of him taking over BugFiles but that’s just an idea for now.

By the way i’m currentelly updating BugFiles, just new bugs for now but, I was hoping to change it to a Movable Type powered system or something so it would be easier to make entries (right now I need to edit html), also now all new pics will be 800×600 or 640×480 (becouse cebola PC can’t handle more then than 🙁 ) jpg since they are allot smaller then png and the quality doesn’t suffer that much 😉

It’s done

Well for the most part at least 🙂 , has usual theres still a missing application here and there (spellchecker hasn’t been installed has you probably noticed) but the hard parts are all done.

Thanks to AutoPatcher and an Windows XP w/ SP1 CD I had my system all updated and ready to go quicker and easier then ever before, but not with out some small problems, the description the installer gave me was preaty useless so I had no idea what some updates I installed were for, also I had an hard time removing some unwanted registry tweaks I didn’t want or knew I installed having to look in the *.reg files and find out what they were changing and change it back.

So to make it short AutoPatcher is still a great thing for people like me that reinstall regularely and also do tech support for many friends with a modem or no internet conection at all (besides the internet is still not that cheap or good over here in Portugal), but unless you know your way around windows be carefull about the registry tweaks and “extras you don’t know.