Everything has usual

Well it’s been an interesting couple of days, everything started malfunctioning and i had no clue why 🙁 .

First it was my computer that some times wouldn’t turn on (to piss me out no doubt) then it was my Internet connection turn. It refused to open madalien.com but allowing me to ping it just fine, and then of course the almost forgotten oDC kept going down every now and then.

So has you can see alls normal around here 🙁

Some server changes

Well I just moved the downloads and the network over tho the main server, so expect shorter URL and faster downloads speeds.

The old address will be shutdown shortly so please update any link or bookmark that you may have.

Also forgot to mention that http://pwp.netcabo.pt/madalien/ link to this website will go with it, hope I don’t loose any visitors because of it 🙂

Server Hard Drive Crash

Bloody thing always tend to break when whe need them the most 🙂
Any way I’ve spent all night talking with my web hosting Admin (more like nagging him) and after some messing around where finally back in business.

In any case sorry for the outage.

Dam I’m tired

And yet I haven’t done any “real” work. When i get a job i really don’t know how I’m going to survive, anyway everything is installed and working so life will resume as usual.

And I have no intention of reinstalling windows any time soon, after all this years it’s almost painful to do the old ritual once again.

So be well my children of the night, thill we meat again to feed on our human priers…

What’s going on

Well it has been a couple of busy days moving all my data into my new 120GB hard drive and trying to install BeOS on it (with out much success) still i did manage to install redhat linux 9 with i’m using right now.

Besides the look and windows manager linux is not that different, most of my every day applications are there (Mozilla Firebird, OpenOffice.org) so it’s been easy to get around and get stuff done.

In any case I haven’t decided to give up on BeOS yet…