So many people

Today I checked the web stats to see how may visits I had this month and to my surprise there were 540 unique hits. My first reaction was how? And the answer was in the stats for some reason GameFix has linked to me because of good old UnSafeDiscX so I’ve returned the favor even if I don’t think they will have many visits coming from here :).

Thinking about the past

Looking trow all the old post made me fell a little nostalgic.
Reading through the post’s i remembered MAD Alien troubled history, so many times i claimed to give up only to return short after, it seems that this website has stuck it self to me and i shell never be able to part from it :).

So till i die MAD Alien is here to stay (has a stated before)…

Database (almost) complete

Well it’s done, all the post ever made (well almost, the first version backup was lost forever) in the previous MAD Alien websites are in the archives, wile I added them into the Database I discovered something interesting, my English back then didn’t looked like English at all (probably it still doesn’t look like English today :D) so I was faced with an interesting decision, leave everything has it was (a crude English like dialect) or edit it into something everybody could understand (including me).

Since I had done it before I chose to edit, so the old post’s are not 100% like they were originally in any case it’s for the best, in most cases I just replaced the “bean” with “been” and “it” with “with”, I also added some notes in italic were I found necessary.