I HATE Windows, I HATE Linux

But I LOVE BeOS, and for one simple and (kind of funny) reason, the fact that I never used BeOS for more then an hour, that’s right you read it right. Am I insane you ask?

No, and I’ll explain why, the more I use a system the more things I find that gets me pissed, be it bugs, design flaws or just things you like done differently.

And that’s my reality, I’ve used windows (XP currently) for 5 years, and Linux for a couple of days, with windows I found things of all kinds to hate him, with Linux I just dislike the way it’s done (but I do like the concept, so Linux groupies calm down, ok ;)) but I never used BeOS (well more then 1 hour), I never seen it’s ugly side, only the wonderful qualities so like if it was a girl I’m still in love.

Maybe one day windows will be better, maybe one day I’ve come to see that Linux way is better, maybe one day I’ll actually use BeOS and find it’s not that good, who know?

Till then I’ll be using windows and bitching about it, life is cruel don’t you think…

PS: The spellchecker is K.O. so good luck trying to understand me.


Some time ago I posted a story “The END of That!!!”, nothing special about that I agree but the thing is CirKutz a guy I call my friend spell checked it for me and I told him I would give him credit for it, and I didn’t, some of you may say (including CirKutz him self) “so what? it’s not no big deal” but it his to me, credit must be given to those who deserve and CirKutz does so here it is and CirKutz…


The Arts

The beautiful art’s, the world taken from others mind, a way to bend reality into hour one, the ultimate form of expression or I’m just getting weird again. In any case what ever form may be of your liking it is here in this universe of fantasies all you need to do is ask the oracle and we shell show you the way you may go.
May the havens protect you in your just journey throw this world…