USDX competition by Safedisc2Cleanner

And I must say that USDX doesn’t have a chance against this tool for all those interested you can get it at this is really making me think if further development of USDX is worth wile 🙂 .

Boolseye webpage no longer exists, word tells he went on to become part of a team of crackers (that also marked the last releas of is tool). But if you whant is tool you can still get it in the download section.

Some changes and delays

I just removed the USDX Translation SDK since i’m having problems and still don’t know if I’ll need to change everything, also real life is taking most of my time now a days so don’t expect the new version to be out any time soon.

PS: Also removed the pop-up i’m sorry but since I use Proxomitron I didn’t notice it was there.


As I watched an American sitcom (Sex in the City) I was alarmed with the subject, that American women find non-circumcised penises unattractive, of course it’s a sitcom and I can be getting the wrong picture and if so please comment to correct me if I’m wrong but I’ll assume this is not the case.

Being a European (Portuguese) this amazed me since that for me circumcision is something that juish people do for religion purpose, but apparently it’s common practice in the US witch means that American men get their first plastic surgery at about 3 days old for me this is ridicule.

Personally i think that if evolution intended the penis to be that way we should embrace it, not cut it’s tip of.
It’s a know fact that females sometimes are attracted to features that are uncommon, so i shouldn’t really be all that surprised, in the end it’s probably payback for the hole silicon brest thing :).

Kind of makes you question the validity of plastic surgery for beauty sake.

New update

This time it’s just a site update I’m still trying to translate the site to “real English” but it seems that it’s impossible to do on my one :S .

No more talking about soccer

And that’s a promise so going straight to the point a new UnSafeDiscX release is coming bringing a new feature, multi-language support. I’m releasing a Translation SDK so if there is any volunteers out there to translate UnSafeDiscX to there native languages be my guest’s. You can get the translation kit in the download area or here.

PS: The translation Kit is still a alpha so there maybe changes…