Be thankful

Today I went over a cousin house to fix is PC an old P90 with 16MB ram (please don’t laugh to laud) having to go there wasn’t the problem, every body ask me for help when they have PC trouble.

The thing that pissed me of was their comments while I was working on the machine, “Is it working yet?”, “Maybe it doesn’t turn on because you didn’t plug the mouse”.

People that don’t know anything about computer shouldn’t make stupid guesses, but that wasn’t the worst, this was “So it’s not working, you don’t know anything” really??? So I guess if I don’t know anything I shouldn’t be wasting my time fixing your computer that YOU BROKEN.

Being an ignorant is ok by my book you don’t have to know shit if you don’t want to but please show some good sense a shut up and be thankful that somebody is wiling to spend their time fixing your mess for free.

Starting to Custumize

Well I been looking around the forum and reading the docs so I’m pretty shure I’ll get a custom look pretty soon, until then check my little tale “Me and my Car” that I’ve writen a long time ago and it’s here now for your viewing pleasure :).

Note: if you can’t see it, heres a clue it was published in 2003-04-16.