LAN Party

This actually happened last Saturday but I only had time to write about it now so here goes.

I went to a Half-Life: Counter Strike LAN Party, it was held in a bar near the beach but I couldn’t say how near since I only came out at night when the LAN party ended :).

We were divided in to two groups, and each group had it’s one floor. I and my friend (oh yes, forgoth to mention I took a friend) were assigned the bottom floor and there we went.

At first I thought we were all playing Rambo style each going is one way so a did the same and died many many times specially at the hands of the local sniper that was playing on the other team.

But then I got a little tired of the music (I was hearing Auf der Maur) and shooting and toke my ear phones off and was surprise! There was a guy acting has team leader deciding were to attack, telling people to cover the rear… I jumped right in and it was great, I was still diening but knowing I was doing my part for the team made it all worth it :)

I really loved the whole experience (exept the part about moving the computer around, I really getting myself a laptop) and I will be going to the next one.

By the way if you want to see how good I am you can check out the statistics here.

First Day

I’m tiered but happy that I have something to do during the day, something that “pays the bills” :p.

It’s been interesting so far, I’ve discovered tiling is more resistant and allot heavier then I though, but nothing I can’t handle.

Not much more to tell really, It’s just a job like all of you people have…

Got a job

Well it finally happened, I got a job!

I probably should be happy but I just fell like a trapped animal wanting to get out, but that’s just the way I am.

About the job, I’ll be working on a tile factory assembling puzzle like tile pieces, not much of a job but it will pay the bills :\. I keep wondering if I should of stayed in school and the answer is always “yes”, dropouts are bloody stupid people and I’m no exception.

Well I start tomorrow so wish me luck…

Email recovered

Just found out my email server has a master account that has all the “Failed to delivered” email so I actually managed to recover the email I thought were lost in “Email Problems: The Server Strikes Back”.

How cool is that :).


“Oh bitter despair, oh cruel fate why do you punish me so.
Are not my screams heard by the world?”

Wrote this today wile I trying to see something at the TechTV web page and was getting constant timeouts.

It’s hard to believe, but after 3 months of crappy service I’ve gotten accustomed to the huge pings constant timeouts, DNS blackouts.

The reason for this is very simple (or so I was told) my ISP sold more service then it could provide and that was it. No more online gaming, no more downloading without using a re sumer, no more viewing web pages without the lovely timeout errors.

And still I (well my parents) pay €35 every month for it, am I insane? I’m starting to think so, but what could I do? Get ADSL witch could be pretty much the same? Or go back to dialup?

Right now I just feel cornered and hopeless 🙁 and thinking of other places were the ISP aren’t greedy bastards…