The rain, how I love the rain, Autumn is just arriving (or maybe it’s already here clueless has I am) and the rains have already begun 🙂 and my street is covered in water forming a shallow lake below my window.

It’s so peaceful it makes me forget all the bad things and just smile 🙂 , never forget to enjoy the rain.

Coding for the Java ME

Well I’ve been looking for resources to learn a little about making applications for my new mobile and this is what I’ve found so far:

Hope you find then useful 🙂 I’m still just beginning to explore them myself.

Nokia 3510i

It was going to be my mother’s new cellphone but some how it ended up im my hands 😉 .

It’s a nice little phone but what really makes it a killer is the Java Support, the games look great, not has great has an N-Gage but I still waiting to see how it does before going out to get one (being impulsive always got me into trouble).

I’m already downloading the Developer SDK to see what it takes to make little Applications and games for this little Computer, it’s all very exciting.

The Nokia 3510i. Just in case you were wondering how it looked.

Windows OS Tryouts

Well these past fee days I’ve been trying some of Microsoft latest OS’s namely Windows Server 2003 and Longhorn (build 4029), and here hare my impressions.

Windows Server 2003

The latest server flavor of Windows, i had no intention of using it has a server but has a workstation since allot of people were claiming it was faster.

Has soon has i got it installed it was faster booting and application start times quicker, but after running some gaming tests (not in ideal condition but I’m not a professional :p) the results didn’t show any significant differences so i concluded that Windows Server 2003 wile a tiny bit faster then Windows XP didn’t justify using it has a workstation.

Note: The test were run on my system (see my Beast), 3DMark was run on Default, GLMark on Advanced Features @ 1024×768 Full Screen and Halo with Max Detail @ 1280×1024.


Well not much to see yet this early in alpha but I liked the new explorer specially the new address bar, another big new item I liked was the sidebar but like I said it’s still to early and exiting thing like WinFS (the new Database like File System Service), Avalon and AERO (the new graphics engine and User Interface) aren’t implemented yet so we will all have to wait.

If you have no clue about what I’m talking about I suggest you take a look at SuperSite for Windows and find out and see some screenshots ;).